A trusted & proven Arkansas Amputation Life Care Planning firm who understands all short and long-term costs associated with every aspect of care

There is only one Arkansas Amputation Life Care Planning company who can create and deliver an Amputation Life Care Plan specific to your needs. Our highly qualified Arkansas nursing professionals are able to accurately project the costs and frequency of all services and goods for an individual over an amputee’s estimated life span.

By establishing and qualifying all medical damages that are the result of a catastrophic injury or amputation, our amputation experienced Arkansas staff will be able to provide you with a detailed outline of current and future medical costs, home care costs, vocational, educational, and psychosocial needs of the individual relating to their specific limb loss circumstances. Our skilled Arkansas Amputation team will ensure your client has all the necessary information needed to lead an independent life with dignity and respect.

We are able to provide attorneys and adjusters the necessary information and knowledge to properly plan for the future of the disabled individual in Arkansas and nationally.

Amputation Life Care Planning in Arkansas requires a consistent process for evaluating the patient and disability in order to establish all of the needs dictated by the onset of that disability. Consistency refers to the application of the process of evaluation and does not suggest that similar disabilities will all receive similar recommendations to meet established needs. Careful consideration is given to the goals, needs and interest of the patient, the needs of the family and the realities of the region of Arkansas in which the patient resides. The process is based on published standards, tenets, methodologies and principles.

Arkansas Amputation Life Care Planning Additional Services:

A comprehensive home evaluation and assessment with the client and significant others to collect subjective and objective data.

A team approach by gathering input from various Health Care Providers and all possible resources.

A nursing assessment and diagnosis based on data from observations, examinations, interviews and written records.

A detailed examination of all current and future medical costs as well as any non-medical needs and costs.

A firm scientific foundation for your Life Care Planning with in-depth medical and nursing literature.

Amputation Arkansas Life Care Planner


At VP Medical Consulting we believe that nurses are the best suited for Arkansas Amputation Life Care Planning services. Nursing is a scientific discipline and profession that requires highly skilled, detail oriented people who take their job seriously. Registered nurses rely on critical thinking to integrate objective data with the knowledge that is gained from an assessment of the subjective experience of patients. Registered nurses utilize this critical thinking process to apply and deliver the best available evidence and research data processes of diagnosis and treatment. Nurses continually evaluate quality and effectiveness of nursing practices and seek to optimize the outcome.

Registered Nurse Life Care Planners are governed by the Scope and Standards, outlined in the Nurse Practice Act. The Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice delineates the professional responsibilities of all professional registered nurses whom are engaged in the nursing practice, regardless of the setting.

Additionally, Arkansas Amputation Life Care Planners  certified life care planners (CNLCP ®), a formal recognition and service standard that validates knowledge, experience, skills and clinical judgement within a specific nursing specialty; and, as such, is reflective of a more stringent professional practice standard.

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